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Professional development and training seminars

Group sizes and information can be catered to the school or educational group based on initial meeting. We offer seminars between 4 - 50 credit hours,  varying depending on the planned scope of the session.

seminars (4 credit hours)

 Taught via Thinkific/ Zoom hybrid
On a Video Call

Teaching the 2022 Student
Attention is key!

The 2022 classroom looks a little different…. learn ways to make your students comfortable and engaged regardless of the learning environment (digital learning or hybrid). We address specific and mindful strategies that focus on reducing negative stressors on the attention center of the brain.

 10 credit hours Seminars

Taught via Thinkific/ Zoom hybrid
Desk and Mirror

Reflect and regroup

Whew! You made it to May and now you are so close to a little bit of rest and relaxation. But wait, that is not the only R & R that is needed at this time of year. It  is the perfect time to reflect and regroup about our instructional practices in the last school year. This  workshop will guide you to target areas for growth and improvement, develop instructional goals and create action plans to implement in August. The end goal is to leave school for the summer with a clear plan to start August new and refreshed.  

brain benefits.png

Teaching with Brain Benefits

Learn how to integrate brain-friendly teaching to enrich your daily lessons. By teaching students how learning works, you can engage the executive function skills required for

higher-level thinking! 

Self regulated learning- the g.a.m.e. series (50 credit hours)

 Taught via Thinkific/ Zoom hybrid
Screen Shot 2020-08-01 at 1.50.00 PM.png

self regulated learning in the classroom:the game series 

A four-part series that teaches the cycle of Self-Regulated Learning: Goal Setting, Action, Monitoring, and Evaluation.

Purple - Blue Gradient


Learn the importance and benefits of setting individual goals with your student.



Integrate study methods and targeted action steps towards achieving student goals.

Blue Background

Develop ways to monitor a student’s path to success and become drivers in their education.


Teach students to evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t in order to adjust a goal and start the process over!



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