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Professional Development

Below are some of our most popular offerings! Not sure what you need? Contact us to schedule a meeting to create your own custom professional development with a member of the AIC team! 

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Optimize your Brain and Build Productivity

Learn how to integrate brain-friendly teaching to enrich your daily productivity. By teaching employees how learning works, you can engage the executive function skills required for higher-level thinking! 

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Don't See what you

are looking for? 

Contact us to create personalized professional development for your company today!! 

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Building Resilience

in the Workplace

Resilience is a crucial step in the productivity of employees. 

Learn some strategies for improving motivation and work habits that can be life-changing for your employees. 

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Drive-up Dopamine: 

Building Happiness

in the Workplace

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter in your brain that helps you feel positive emotions. Increasing your dopamine levels can help you increase your mood, focus, and motivation.


Sounds nice, right? This professional development will focus on simple, quick ways to naturally boost dopamine.

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