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Our professional development workshops integrate self-regulated learning into the classroom while fostering brain-friendly learning and effective study strategies for teachers to use and recommend to students. Our offerings also include curriculum for teachers to include in advisory programs to teach students self-regulation and study skills, planners, and our digital platform that promotes self-regulation while hosting as a digital planner. 

Our team

Lauren Price

Director, M.Ed.

Lauren Price, M.Ed., is  the director of Academic Independence Coaching, an educational consulting firm that specializes in subject-specific tutoring and self-regulated learning and now professional development for educators. She founded the company based on the belief that any student can achieve his or her personal best with the right study strategies. Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Houston with a focus in self-regulated learning. She learned from Dr. Christopher Wolters, a leader in the field who conducted empirical studies at UH into students' self-regulation practices and academic achievement. After working with students one-on-one for over decade, she found she had more students than she could personally serve and created Academic Independence, LLC. Since 2013, the company has served over 500 students and now employs more than 35 employees in Houston and Dallas.   As the Director and Owner, she manages and trains her team of staff and educational consultants while continuing to work personally with a handful of students who have the greatest needs. In 2013, she published How to Achieve Academic Independence, a workbook for students to develop self-regulated learning skills through monitoring. Her most recent achievement has been the transformation of that workbook to a digital platform. Lauren was inspired to study self-regulation after watching her brother struggle with dyslexia and ADHD. He tried working with tutor after tutor, but only overcame his challenges when he took responsibility for his own academic independence. She aims to help every student achieve an “aha!” moment that will help him or her become a truly self-regulated learner. 

julie Hudek

Training Facilitator

Julie Raye Hudek is a graduate of the University of Texas, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Spanish Teaching. Her expertise lies in Spanish, English, History and our proven self-regulated learning methods. Setting students at ease and creatively conveying complex information are just two talents that define her tutoring style. In her spare time, Julie loves to practice yoga and spend time with her husband, baby boy and silver lab


stehpanie toro

Training Facilitator

Dr. Stephanie Toro’s entire academic career has been a balance of science content knowledge and STEM pedagogical knowledge. She has an extensive science content background, studying Biology and Environmental Science as majors and Chemistry and Psychology as minors at the University of Virginia. Additionally she has completed a Masters in Science in Oceanography, which is a multidisciplinary field of physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. She has conducted several years of marine science research that has included fellowships with NASA (Langley) to work on algorithms to interpret photosynthetic material from satellite images and as a science communication fellow aboard the Nautilus Ship owned by the Ocean Exploration Trust. She has a Masters in Teaching with an emphasis on secondary science from the University of Virginia and a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston with an emphasis on science and urban educational settings. 


In addition to an extensive educational background, she has over 20 years of experience teaching both informal and formal educational settings. She has taught at both public and private institutions biology, earth science, chemistry, physics and environmental science various levels including: middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities. She currently teaches an introduction to science course at the University of the Andes. Additionally, she has taught science pedagogy courses at the University of Houston and University of the Andes. Summers are busy with teaching STEM programs for low socioeconomic students. During these programs, she served a lead teacher guiding and supporting other teachers. As a science department chair at the secondary school level, she helped her department adopt scientific inquiry initiatives on the program level as well as create collaborative programs with other subjects such as the history department to address the reading and writing skills of students across subjects. In addition to classroom experience she has served as a science education consultant for museum exhibits and informal education programming at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo, Nauticus Museum in Norfolk, Virginia, and the Lonestar State Flight Museum in Galveston, Texas- She specializes in implementing scientific inquiry and nature of science frameworks into instruction as well as applying best research practices including inductive and constructivist learning approaches. Currently she is implementing reflective teaching programs for STEM professors that applies SRL strategies to the teacher's instructional practice. She also provides diverse pedagogical support systems for STEM professors and graduate teaching assistants for secondary schools and universities including those located in the United States and in Colombia.


Her teaching and education research experience has been recognized through various awards and scholarships including the Houston Science Teacher of the year award in 2016. She also has been recognized as part of several NSF funded groups including the Teaching STEM Faculty Learning Program Fellow in 2019 with Berkeley University, and a 2019 BioTAP Fellow to improve training for undergraduate TA, and received the International Contributor Scholarship from NARST in 2019.

Zoe Jordan 

Zoe works primarily on meditating the standard flow of operations within the company in order to make a seamless and positive working environment for all employees. Additionally, she is also consulted on to provide optimal business solutions for any issues that may arise on a daily basis. 

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Bailey Brooks

Bailey works primarily as a market strategist and graphic designer, creating content and publishing product campaigns on our media platforms, while managing brand perception across all fronts. 

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