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Down Arrow

Lauren Price, M.Ed., is the director of Academic Independence Coaching, an educational consulting firm that specializes in professional development for educators using self-regulated learning and brain-friendly methods.

Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Houston with a focus on self-regulated learning. Lauren's most recent achievement has been the creation of a digital planner and tracker tool that empowers students to be academically independent. 

Grace Schofield is an Elementary School Specialist with a background in Early Childhood and Adolescent Education. Grace was empowered by our SRL programs as she coached students through our curriculum in one on one settings and small groups. Grace became passionate about teaching self-regulation to young children as she deeply wished she had these tools early on in her own academic career. Grace is committed to providing a positive learning environment for her students and setting them up for academic success! 
Jessica Smith is an Elementary School Specialist with a background in Special Education. Jessica taught a wide range of students in the classroom and noticed the need for education in schools on self-regulation strategies. From students with executive functioning deficits, to students with anxiety and difficulty regulating emotions, Jessica saw the need for self regulation in the classroom. Jessica joined our team to empower teachers and schools to implement brain-friendly strategies in the classroom! 
Julie Raye Hudek is a graduate of the University of Texas, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Spanish Teaching. Through her work with students both in the classroom and one-on-one, Julie realized that utilizing the principles of self-regulation and brain-friendly learning methods was just as important as the content being taught; as such, Julie was inspired to work more extensively with educators to bring classroom teaching to the next level with the latest in brain science and learning research.
Andrea Bucher is a Middle School Specialist with a background in General Education. While working with students at all academic levels, Andrea noticed the need to support them in developing the soft-skills that would help them take control of their learning. Through implementing our SRL curriculum, she believes that students are able to take their performance to the next level. She is dedicated to supporting students and educators feel empowered implementing the SRL cycle and brain-friendly study strategies.